Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I bring the hexagonal
piece of wood
where they shall
hereafter rest.

"Thou shall remain
here forever" I am
forced to jest.

Just when I think
I have rammed
the final nail in vain,

They jump effortlessly
out of the box to
haunt me, yet again.

Those ghosts called
Memories !

P.S. For a memory that is gonna haunt me in the years to come :P :P


Ragpicker said...

Very Very haunting :) ... Glad to see you write stuff again !

makhau said...

as long as you push them into the vault
they will be here to haunt
create space for them which you can give
and they will let you live

hehe...a makhau attempt...but dont get into the lines...just understand the feeling :D :D

nan said...


:P wont work either.. if i create a corner they'll occupy the whole mind.. such is their intensity ;)